Bioeconomy Vision

The bioeconomy is already a part of our daily lives, as we use various bio-based products. A vision and definition for a bioeconomy have been heavily discussed in the last few years, with several strategies and and white papers being released. The emerging of a circular economy seemed to compete with the bioeconomy, but most sources rather include the circular economy as part of the bioeconomy.

The bioeconomy and bio-based industries along the value chain need a coherent, holistic and supportive policy framework, across the various policy areas. The importance of innovation and technological development was stressed as well as the need to increase public funding and re-risk investments. The Circular Economy Action Plan acknowledges that the bioeconomy can contribute to the circular economy, and the European Bioeconomy Alliance (EUBA) is calling for an ambitious implementation giving the bioeconomy a central position. Further, the need to emphasise links and synergies in the Circular Economy Package, and beyond.

The EU Bioeconomy Strategy is currently under review and need to ensure continued emphasis on the bioeconomy is raised, with the EUBA calling for a revision of the Strategy. In this context, the need to integrate the bioeconomy across policy areas and ensure coherence and ownership across fields is stressed, as well as the need to continue with Public-Private Partnerships, amongst other things.


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