Mission, Vision, Values & Goals

Our Mission 

We shape the European Bioeconomy!

Our Vision 

Shaping and connect the Bioeconomy in Europe! The sustainable, environment friendly, social just, and innovative foundation for a peaceful cooperation.

Our Values

People who get in touch with the bioeconomy will permanently be persuaded by the bioeconomy. That will happen automatically! In order to take as many people as possible with us, we defined our values ​​in lines with the bioeconomy:

  • Transparency and accountability
  • Cooperation and synergy
  • Sustainability and integrity
  • Tolerance and acceptance
  • Justice and democracy

Our Goals

The United Nations has defined 17 sustainable development goals (below) as part of its “Agenda 2030”, which are, of course, the overall objectives.

Bioeconomy.eu has the following objectives:

  • Inform the population about the bioeconomy
  • Connect stakeholders to realize the bioeconomy
  • To contribute to a bioeconomy which serves the people sustainable

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