As a global technology hub, it is of utmost strategic importance for Europe to play a pioneering role in the bioeconomy. Synergies in research and development can be harnessed through a common strategy. New industries could emerge, especially in peripheral countries,which are in difficulties as a result of the euro crisis. In a common economic zone, a uniform legal situation is required. This means legal and thus planning security for companies and investors, for which strict competition rules in the EU are a central factor. This will also ensure precisely directed (EU) subsidies.

As an industrial location, Europe has little fossil based resources compared to its economic power. The result is a strong dependency of the European economy on imports, which can be a risk especially in times of political turmoil. A common European strategy is an indispensable condition considering the potential outward influence, which the capacity for innovation and economic power of the EU holds. However, this stands and falls with the unity of the European states in their lived cohesion. The challenge for the European institutions is enormous. On the one hand, in coordinating the interests and needs of the member states and on the other hand, in representing them on an international stage.


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