Green Chemistry Belt®

At the “Green Chemistry Belt®”, the Danube Region academic institutions and companies cooperate to create ecological and cost-effective supply chains for biogenic raw materials along the Danube. The shift from petroleum-based to bio-based raw materials in the chemical industry requires a huge amount of biomass. The large agricultural area along the Danube can supply these basic materials. shutterstock_419995405The European Union is estimated to use almost 2 billion tonnes of biomass, including agricultural and forestry biomass, animal products and aquatic biomass. In 2011, the EU used a total of nearly 2 billion tonnes of biomass , 21% was used for food, 44% for feed.

The concept of the “Green Chemistry Belt®” allows the following:

  • Decentralised harvest: Local production of biomass in the form of agricultural products and waste materials
  • The regional conversion to transportable and imperishable raw materials and the central processing of high-quality biogenic raw materials for the chemical industry at port locations and logistics centers along the Danube
  • Shipping along the Danube upstream and in the Rhine area

The focus is on the analysis of biomass potentials, infrastructure conditions and the concept of a value chain of biogenic raw materials along the Danube. The European donor area and the cities in the region will benefit from this emerging market and its future development.

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