First German Open Wet Lab Opening

By Korbinian Sinzinger|Monday April 30th, 2018|Uncategorized|

shutterstock_353040560For months now the team has been working hard to open up Germany’s first open Wetlab: the! The is a life science community laboratory for the 21st century. They offer a library of high tech tools and material, merging AI, robotics and synthetic biology with and for you and your projects. In the opening event, a two day long technological menu prepared by the hackers awaits you, full of hacking life science and technology.

Begin: Friday, 11. Mai : 10:00 am

End: Saturday, 12. Mai : 8:00 pm

Friday morning it will begin with the starters „Ursuppe“ and „Chips-in-the-lab“. In two hands on workshops on cell free synthesis techniques and lab automation tools the founders will hack latest microfluidic and sequencing technology and mix the ingredients of life itself. It will be continue with the main course: the „ introduction“ to the brand new community laboratory, followed by a spicy „Talks & Discussion“ round challenging industry paradigms: can new startups solve the antibiotic crisis with new personalised phage therapy? It will be concluding the menu with the grand „Lab Opening“ dessert accompanied by a exquisite „Bio Art Exhibition“ with CRISPR and molecular cocktails. BUY YOUR TICKET HERE ###
Limited space available and simply cost-covering prices (only with a ticket you get food):